High power rabbit from Germany having his first trip to Japan (Nagoya)

這是Dieter Schorn第一次踏上日本土地,對他來說,一切都是新鮮的。還好喜歡上日本的生魚片,讓日本友人省下不少找餐廳的煩惱!


It’s the first time for Dieter to visit Japan in his life.  Our plan was to stay two days in Taiwan for some tasks then departured to Nagoya Japan.  A 5-day business journey to be made.

The first stop got a big welcome from Chenstek.  The training for the new model pulsed power supply was done perfectly.


See, German did his first try on Taiwan style schwein Hachse.  It’s delicious actually.


The next day: a visit to Dr. James Huang of Kingyoup for future cooperation in HIPIMS applications.


A short visit to the existing customer Dr. Wu at ITRI in Hsin Chu.


Give a speech to introduce the latest advanced HIPIMS technology to Prof. Lee at Ming Chi University of Technology.


The first visit to WOT, a potential OEM maker for roll-to-roll coater.


Departure for Nagoya, Japan


3 rabbits gathering together in this meeting.  German rabbit was giving a training.  Japanese rabbit paid attention to the training.  Taiwanese rabbit was taking this photo.  Ha……….  I forgot to take a picture for 3 rabbits.


The main course to introduce new HIPIMS technology to Japanese customer.  A good discussion on their application was done successfully.


Our Japan distributor Mr. Murakami, the president of FOU company.


A celebration for this successful visit.  German rabbit liked Japanese food very much.


Two rabbits celebrated the successful business tour in Japan.  A good selection of red wine by Dieter.


Back to Taiwan.


Farewell!  A nice flight back to Germany.

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