Meeting new friends in Taipei

It was a delighted event to have a great lunch to meet Kobayashi-san’s friends: Ken-san and Ice-san.  Ken-san travels a lot and his colleague Ice-san studied in Osaka for 2 years.  Both speak Japanese very well.  Suzuki-san, our member, and I enjoyed this lunch meeting very much.  Appreciated in Kobayashi-san’s arrangement.


4 plasma rabbit club members happily gathering around in Kyoto, Japan

During a business trip to Japan, it’s the unique chance to gather 4 plasma rabbit club members to have a good dinner on our arrival on 10/25/2016.

On a good occasion to gather 4 plasma rabbit club members for a delicious Japanese food at 市場小路 ジェイアール京都伊勢丹店 with 2 friends Murakami-san and Takahashi-san.  We really enjoyed the sea food and sake (also beer).  Looking forward to having good collaborations in the near future.


On Thomas way back to Germany, we had a nice Thai-food in Taipei.  After a long stay in Japan, Thai-food was a very good choice to refresh sashimi flavor by sour sweet and spicy instead.  It’s a usual way we do often, but just change the restaurants to try different tastes.