Working on a new project

2018 is a year good for running new project. Glad to have Jerry participating in this project. Thanks.

See what we can do the best in the near future.


MCUT welcome KOTEC’s visit

Prof. Jyh-Wei Lee (from MCUT) gave a big welcome speech to introduce CTFTA (Center of Thin Film Technology and Applications) to visitors from Kotec, Japan.

Professor Jyh-Wei Lee (Jeff Lee) gave a big welcome speech to Japanese visitors from KOTEC.


What a good spring reunion in Baden-Baden and Fronreute-Baienbach

It’s a very short journey to travel several cities in Germany. Having two days with Dieter in Baden-Baden, actually in Sinsheim, then 1 day for a round trip to Fronreute-Baienbach to meet Dr. Schütte and Mr. & Mrs. Franke. Last year almost at the same time, it was snowing and freezing. Now, spring comes. What a good weather! All friends are fine and their business grows up gradually. Everything is getting better and better. The future is running upwards.

3 rabbits 2014 March