MCUT welcome KOTEC’s visit

Prof. Jyh-Wei Lee (from MCUT) gave a big welcome speech to introduce CTFTA (Center of Thin Film Technology and Applications) to visitors from Kotec, Japan.

Professor Jyh-Wei Lee (Jeff Lee) gave a big welcome speech to Japanese visitors from KOTEC.



What a good spring reunion in Baden-Baden and Fronreute-Baienbach

It’s a very short journey to travel several cities in Germany. Having two days with Dieter in Baden-Baden, actually in Sinsheim, then 1 day for a round trip to Fronreute-Baienbach to meet Dr. Schütte and Mr. & Mrs. Franke. Last year almost at the same time, it was snowing and freezing. Now, spring comes. What a good weather! All friends are fine and their business grows up gradually. Everything is getting better and better. The future is running upwards.

3 rabbits 2014 March