Open a new business model for Japan market

3 hard working plasma rabbit club members intend to build up a new business model for Japanese semiconductor/MEMS niche market.  It’d be a big step to open a new era in the near future. Go Go Go……….

Thanks for Ken-san’s assistance in pathing the bridge between Taiwan and Japan.


Welcome Dr. Ebe (LIA Plasma Technology)

Welcome Dr. Akinori Ebe of EMD Corp. (SCREEN) to visit CTFTA at MCUT.  Meeting old friends Dr. Jyh-Wei Lee and Dr. Jang-Hsing Hsieh to inspect LIA solar cell CVD source for future upgrade in reactive sputtering applications.

New partner KOTEC: Suzuki-san and Kobayashi-san joined this event as well.

LIA: Low Inductance Antenna

20170307-Dr. Ebe visit CTFTA_MCUT_small

4 plasma rabbit club members happily gathering around in Kyoto, Japan

During a business trip to Japan, it’s the unique chance to gather 4 plasma rabbit club members to have a good dinner on our arrival on 10/25/2016.

On a good occasion to gather 4 plasma rabbit club members for a delicious Japanese food at 市場小路 ジェイアール京都伊勢丹店 with 2 friends Murakami-san and Takahashi-san.  We really enjoyed the sea food and sake (also beer).  Looking forward to having good collaborations in the near future.


On Thomas way back to Germany, we had a nice Thai-food in Taipei.  After a long stay in Japan, Thai-food was a very good choice to refresh sashimi flavor by sour sweet and spicy instead.  It’s a usual way we do often, but just change the restaurants to try different tastes.