Congratulations to Suzuki-san’s and Harumi-san’s 20th Wedding Anniversary

May 15th is the wedding anniversary of Suzuki-san and Harumi-san.



The First Reunion of PRC in Germany

The first reunion of Plasma Rabbit Club in the restaurant Bad Schachen in Lindau, Germany on May 30, 2012 was held successfully.

Mr. and Mrs. Franke of ProION were invited to be the VIPs.

On May 30th, the first meeting for each other before a meeting at Muegge.

In the evening the party was given at Hotel Bad Schachen.

In the very end of the wooden dock, we took a good picture.

Ready for dinner~~~

Each member has a special trophy for the membership.

Firstly, it’s for Dr. Thomas Schütte.

Secondly, it’s for Robert Jann.

Thirdly, it’s for Dieter Schorn.

Forth, it’s for Mitsuhiro Suzuki.

A sudden strom to move our dinner to inside for a happy ending with our VIPs.

~~~ Happy Ending ~~~

Welcome to Plasma Rabbit Club

It’s wonderful and amazing to gather so many experts working in plasma fields, who were born in the Rabbit year of Chinese calendar.

In this club, all members share their technologies, experiences, talents, family life to create a better world.

They are from different countries including,

– Germany

– Japan

– Taiwan

– China

Welcome to Plasma Rabbit Club

Robert Jann