Welcome Dr. Ebe (LIA Plasma Technology)

Welcome Dr. Akinori Ebe of EMD Corp. (SCREEN) to visit CTFTA at MCUT.  Meeting old friends Dr. Jyh-Wei Lee and Dr. Jang-Hsing Hsieh to inspect LIA solar cell CVD source for future upgrade in reactive sputtering applications.

New partner KOTEC: Suzuki-san and Kobayashi-san joined this event as well.

LIA: Low Inductance Antenna

20170307-Dr. Ebe visit CTFTA_MCUT_small


MCUT welcome KOTEC’s visit

Prof. Jyh-Wei Lee (from MCUT) gave a big welcome speech to introduce CTFTA (Center of Thin Film Technology and Applications) to visitors from Kotec, Japan.

Professor Jyh-Wei Lee (Jeff Lee) gave a big welcome speech to Japanese visitors from KOTEC.