Working on a new project

2018 is a year good for running new project. Glad to have Jerry participating in this project. Thanks.

See what we can do the best in the near future.


5 club members reunion in Taipei

Not so easy to have 5 club members gathering around and have a good dinner together.  Appreciating Jerry coming from Hsin Chu, Suzuki from Tokyo, Japan, Chin-Long from Chu-Bei, Thomas from Kissing, Germany to join this reunion. Wish a bigger reunion next time.

Collage_HD 2017-09-27 01_21_06


Open a new business model for Japan market

3 hard working plasma rabbit club members intend to build up a new business model for Japanese semiconductor/MEMS niche market.  It’d be a big step to open a new era in the near future. Go Go Go……….

Thanks for Ken-san’s assistance in pathing the bridge between Taiwan and Japan.


Meeting new friends in Taipei

It was a delighted event to have a great lunch to meet Kobayashi-san’s friends: Ken-san and Ice-san.  Ken-san travels a lot and his colleague Ice-san studied in Osaka for 2 years.  Both speak Japanese very well.  Suzuki-san, our member, and I enjoyed this lunch meeting very much.  Appreciated in Kobayashi-san’s arrangement.